About Pepelinoos

At Pepelinoos, we are driven by the vision of simplicity and sophistication in children's products. Founded by Nicole, a mother of two, who was inspired to infuse minimalist European design into her creations, aiming to offer parents aesthetically pleasing solutions in a world saturated with stimuli. Recognizing the need for calm amidst chaos, Nicole's vision was to simplify the parenting experience. Founder Nia, an aunt who shared Nicole's sentiment, joined the journey, bringing her own passion for minimalist aesthetics after discovering its impact while babysitting. Together, we've curated a collection that embodies elegance and tranquility, ensuring that every child's experience is both enriching and serene.

Our Co-founders

Warm regards,
Nicole and Nia Co-founders

Our Inspiration

Picture the familiar scene of spilled food and a toddler's beaming grin. Mealtimes were once a battlefield, but then an idea struck – why not make them engaging, delightful and practical?

Our Solution

Captivating, fun plates designed to hold your child's attention. Colors, shapes, and patterns merge into stories on each plate. Suddenly, my fussy eater turned into an adventurous explorer, captivated by his food. Each plate became a canvas of possibilities.